V24-310NG FM / DAB / UHF Triplexer

V24-310NG  FM / DAB / UHF Triplexer

High quality triplexer with low insertion loss and high rejection. Outdoor weatherproof IP53 rated ABS housing for mast or bulkhead fixing. Fully screened metal internal modules for minimum interference. Gold F-connectors for superior connectivity. Optimum filtering with low insertion loss. DC Pass options for through power.

Model: V24-310NG
Frequency Range: FM 87.5-108MHz DAB 216-240MHz
Insertion Loss: FM <0.4dB DAB<0.5dB UHF<0.6dB
Isolation / Out-of-band Rejection Port to Port: FM >141MHz>32dB DAB < 300Mhz>28dB UHF < 420MHz>28dB UHF > 930MHz>32dB
Return Loss: 12dB min
DC Pass: Combined - UHF 12V 100mA
Size: 105mm x 90mm x 58mm
Housing: Ventilated weatherproof ABS moulding IP53 rated with screened compartmentalised electronics module
Connectors: Corrosion resistant gold plated female F connectors for superior connectivity

Going for Gold

Vision Gold masthead amplifiers have built –in UHF band-pass filters, carefully tuned not to filter the wanted channels at the edges of the band but tight enough to shut out unwanted signals such as TETRA and GSM transmissions.

When amplifying weak digital signals, the amplifier noise figure is critical. The lower the Noise Figure, the weaker the digital signal that can be reliably amplified. So these amplifiers will work where others fail. That is why Vision has designed these amplifiers using the latest semiconductors and SMD technology to provide you with industry leading low noise figures and reliability.

*Maximum Output EN50083-3 (IMD3-60)   **Maximum input level quoted with attenuator set to maximum -12dB attenuation on V20-1127


V24-310NG FM / DAB / UHF Triplexer


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